Are You Being Mind-Controlled by a Narcissist?


Do you have a narcissist in your life who is controlling you? You may not realize it, but this person may also be affecting your mind. A narcissist can be very dangerous to your health, self-esteem, and brain. 

A narcissist doesn’t care about anything but himself or herself, so controlling you is just part of the game.

Learn the facts:

  1. What is mind control? The basic definition of mind control is brainwashing and persuasion that is done to take over a person’s mind. 
    • Mind control involves manipulative tactics that help the person affect your brain and behavior. It can take different forms, but narcissists are skilled at using this technique to manage you. 
    • A big part of mind control is coercive persuasion. This is when they use different techniques to manipulate someone to do their bidding. The persuasion puts the victim under extreme stress and anxiety. 
  2. Subtle control. Narcissists know to how to use subtle control, so you don’t even realize you’re doing what they want.  
    • Narcissists use trigger phrases to control you. Some common phrases include disappointment and statements about their feelings. They may remind you of how you’re supposed to behave and think. 
  3. Signs of a narcissist’s mind control. Some narcissists are good at hiding their real nature. Beware of these signs: 
    • A narcissist who is using mind control doesn’t care about your feelings or pain. 
    • A narcissist will use a variety of emotional and other manipulative techniques to get you to do or think a certain way. 
    • A narcissist may use flattery and love to affect you. This will be used in turn with aggression and anger to control you. The victim is also isolated from others, so the narcissist can manage him or her easier. 
    • The narcissist will try to create chaos and uncertainty, so the victim doesn’t know what to expect and lives in constant fear. This also gives the narcissist more control because they get to decide how things are handled. The victim is left so scared and confused that they can’t even escape. 
    • Gaslighting and shifting blame are common techniques used by a narcissist. 
  4. How to escape mind control. It’s usually not easy to get away from the mind control of a narcissist.  
    • In some cases, the victims need outside intervention and help to get away. You may need to seek help from a trusted family member, friend, or therapist to figure out how to escape. Support is essential.
    • Avoiding the narcissist physically may not be enough to escape his or her control. Any type of communication, such as phone conversations or even texts, can place you back under their thumb.
    • It’s important to remember that it will take time to recover and heal. Your self-esteem and confidence can be shattered. Your ability to make decisions on your own can be affected. Your identity practically disappears under the narcissist’s control and desires. 
    • In some cases, once a person escapes one narcissist, they find another one. This sad pattern can repeat, so it’s crucial not to fall into it.

The mind control that a narcissist can perform may astound you. They’re capable of convincing you of anything and making you doubt your own memory. They’re able to get inside your head with a simple phrase. Take care of yourself by learning how to deal effectively with a narcissist.


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