Enrich Your Relationship by Double Dating


Double dating can really benefit your romantic relationship, whether you’ve got a new flame or have been married for years. Here are some of the major reasons to try double dating, and some fun and inexpensive ideas to get you started

The Benefits of Double Dating

  1. See your partner from a new perspective. Going out with another couple adds a new dimension to any experience. You get to observe how your partner interacts with others. You may be surprised by their enthusiasm for a new dance troupe or reminded of how much you love their talent for making people feel at home.

  2. Get to know your friends better. If you like sharing lunch with a co-worker, having dinner together with your spouses may deepen your budding friendship. You’ll see what she’s really like outside of the office.

  3. Learn more about yourself. Double dating can give you insights into yourself as well as others. You’ll see which personality traits you admire and which you find annoying. And you may be able to develop more compassion for someone who brags or hides out when they’re feeling insecure.

  4. Expand your support network. Even the strongest marriage can be enhanced by additional friendships. You’ll have people you can turn to for objective advice or for companionship on shopping expeditions that would bore your spouse.

  5. Shake up your routine. Change for its own sake can be invigorating. The same old restaurant may become more interesting when you introduce it to another couple.

  6. Save money. Double dating can help you cut costs. You may be able to split the babysitting expenses and take one car if you live close by.

  7. Share your strengths. The most profound benefit may come from contributing to each other’s wellbeing. Reach across the generations by going out with an older couple who can share their wisdom. You’ll bring them joy by helping them recall happy memories of what it was like starting out.

Ideas for Double Dates

  1. Eat together. Dinner dates are popular because sharing food and conversation is usually a sure bet for a good time. Pick a favorite restaurant or take turns with backyard cookouts.

  2. Play games. Some card games and board games require an extra couple. Sometimes they’re just more fun when you’ve got players whose strategies are unfamiliar to you.

  3. Take up a sport. Double dating can make getting fit more fun. Take up doubles tennis or visit the local bowling alley. See if your community has a co-ed softball league.

  4. Go for a hike. You can all motivate each other to finally go on those hikes you’ve always wanted to take. Get in touch with nature while you enjoy each other’s company.

  5. Visit a museum. Broaden each other’s cultural horizons and support important institutions in your community. Museums are more fun when you can share your individual expertise and make new discoveries together.

  6. Attend a live performance. Half the fun of going to a play is discussing it afterwards. Having two more “critics” with you will expand the discussion and make the experience more memorable. You may even find it easier to concentrate on the performance when you know you’ll be talking with others about your reaction.
  7. Register for a class. If your classroom days are long behind you, you may feel a little uncomfortable signing up for courses even when they sound interesting. Couples can give each other mutual encouragement and convenient study partners by signing up for adult education sessions together.

Going on double dates is a great way to strengthen your relationships with your partner and friends. Invite another couple along on your next evening out and see what develops!


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