It is a lovely feeling to be in love


y heart sings when I think of the special person who makes me smile.
It is a lovely feeling to share love with someone who I consider my soul mate. Being committed to a special person makes life meaningful.


nowing that I have someone to share my deepest secrets with is freeing. I am my truest self when I am in the company of the one I love.
The positivity from my relationship extends to everyone who I encounter. Having that depth of feeling for someone makes it easy for me to share positive vibes with anyone I come across. I see that there are far-reaching benefits of being in love. Winters are warmer when there is genuine affection and adoration. Challenges are more manageable because I know that there is someone to walk the path with me. Having a trustworthy partner allows me to be honest about my feelings. I know that my expressions are taken without offence. I am just as willing to be open to my partner’s sentiments because love is a two-way street. Today, love rules my existence and covers each step I take. It dictates how I interact with others and expels only good thoughts and wishes from my being. I am excited to see how much more of a positive impact love is able to make on my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways do I show my significant other the extent of my love?
  2. What are some of the challenges I face when in love?
  3. What impact does my relationship have on my interactions with my family?

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