Why You Should Consider Being a Boomerang in Your Relationship


Have you ever spent a night apart from your partner? For those who are together all the time, this might sound like the perfect relationship, but many relationship experts believe that it might not be so healthy!   In fact, spending some time apart can strengthen your relationship. It makes the time you spend together that much sweeter. Plus, there are other benefits, too.   Discover the reasons why you might want to be like a boomerang in your relationship – you go away but you always come back.

Couples That Are Better Together, Are Better Apart

The boomerang approach to relationships is a wise philosophy for both you and your partner. Neither of you will feel trapped, smothered, or like you’re getting lost in the shuffle of togetherness.

You get the benefits of being together, but you also keep and nurture your individuality.

What does this mean? Simply, it means that you don’t try and spend every waking moment together. You both look for experiences outside of your relationship. You’ll spend the majority of your nights together, but at the same time, you’ll also occasionally go out with your individual friends without your partner.

You might go on hen or stag parties without your other half. You might have some hobbies that your partner doesn’t share. Maybe you even go on short holidays!

Why Time Apart is a Good Thing

So, why is spending time apart such a good thing? Plenty of reasons!

Spending time apart means you both have new and interesting experiences that you can share with each other. If you spend all your time in each other’s company, you don’t have as much to talk about.

At the same time, spending time apart gives you the opportunity to miss each other, which means you’ll appreciate your time together all the more.

Another reason that spending time apart is a good thing is that it allows you to pursue individual friends and activities. If you really want to know your friends inside and out, then sometimes you need to have a good one to one chat without your partner present.

Likewise, it might be that your other half doesn’t enjoy poolside holidays or clubbing holidays as much as you do.

Avoid letting your other passions, hobbies, and friendships fall by the wayside just because you now have a romantic partner. After all, it’s all those hobbies, interests and friendships that made you into the person you are – and the person that they fell in love with.

It’s important for you to keep these things alive that help make you who you are, lest your relationship grow stale and you grow resentful or feel trapped.

The Importance of Independence

And anyway, it pays to have some other interests in case you find yourself single again one day. If your relationship is your entire life, then this can make it incredibly hard to recover if you ever lose this partner.

The worst-case scenario here is that you can end up so reliant on your other half that you become unable to face the thought of being without them. You then end up staying in the relationship for the wrong reasons – out of fear and not because you really want to be with them.

Love your partner, yourself, your togetherness, and your uniqueness by being a boomerang! Try it and experience the benefits for yourself.


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