Mr. and Mrs. Right Now


As I evolve, so did my thoughts and perspectives on relationships. I’ve come to believe that people come into your life- some for a season and some for a lifetime. it’s ONLY by the grace of God that people remain in your life for a lifetime.

When we are dating, we are often looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right now. What do I mean by that? We are looking and interviewing, reviewing their resume for the qualifications that we desire right now.

However, that will change. What I needed or desired in a partner at 18, is not what I need at 25 or 35. We are multidimensional humans and as we grow, so does our interest and our passions. What typically doesn’t change are your core values.

So when looking for a life partner ensure that they are self-aware, whole (not broken), and that your core values and faith are intertwined. These are the things that will matter at 50, 60- not your six-pack or lack of. Not your laid edges and not your love for one another. Although love is an important factor, it’s not enough to sustain and ensure you have a healthy long-lasting relationship.


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