Deepen Your Relationship by Having Fun Together



lthough maintaining your own sense of individuality in your relationship is important, enjoying time you spend together is the glue that holds your relationship together. Most people want to be around those they have fun with.
Keeping the good feelings flowing strengthens the loving bonds you have and draws you closer. Having a good laugh, sharing a new experience, and being spontaneous build a relationship that’s enjoyable as well as enduring. Make it a goal each day to bring fun into your relationship.

Try these ideas to infuse more merriment into your time together:

  1. Plan a day to play hooky together. Schedule a day to take off from work and other tasks. Re-discover the love and frolic in your relationship by spending the entire day alone together. Behave as if you don’t have anything else to do but look into each other’s eyes.

  2. During holidays, do fun, silly things together.Take advantage of unique opportunities to enjoy some levity and good times. Dress up for Halloween as Brangelina or Lucy and Desi. On Independence Day, plan to wear red, white and blue and serve only foods at your cook-out that are red, white or blue.
  • Sharing silliness enhances the emotional intimacy so important to love relationships.

  1. Have a Picnic Pack food and beverages and take off to a nearby park. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate feast – just something simple for lunch that you can munch on while talking and savoring the wonders of nature. Having such picnics once a month or so as long as the weather permits will encourage you to share special feelings.

  2. Rediscover your playful side. Hold hands when you’re shopping or taking a walk. Share a joke at dinner.
  • Laugh out loud. Who doesn’t feel drawn to a person that makes them laugh and laughs with them? Remember when you used to play games together when you first started dating?
  • Have a Canasta tournament. Get out the Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit board game and delight in a new pastime.

  1. Schedule a special dinner to discuss next year’s vacation. What a way to share special feelings of excitement and anticipation! If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, dine at a Mexican restaurant. Do everything you can to make your vacation planning talks special and pleasurable. You’ll feel even more drawn to one another as vacation time approaches.

  2. Avoid television one evening weekly. When you refrain from watching television just one evening a week, it can open up so many possibilities to bond and have fun. Discuss how you could spend this extra time together. You’ll discover more about what your partner enjoys.

  3. Play your favorite music and dance You’ve probably got an MP3 loaded with music you love. Turn it on and dance together. Most people find dancing to be one of the most physically intimate, fun activities to do together. You’ll definitely connect emotionally when you dance.

  4. Experience occasional intellectual pursuits together. A spirited discussion about something in the news will expand your minds while you delight in sharing your opinions with one another. You’ll learn something about your partner and maybe even be inspired.


s you focus on taking pleasure in your partner’s company, think about how you’re forging strong connections and truly listening to the love of your life. Ensuring you have fun together will deepen your relationship in more ways than you can imagine.

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