My Faith Dissolved My Fear


There are often situations in my daily life when I experience anxiety. During those moments I count on my faith to dissolve my fears. I take sensible risks. I know I am competent and strong. I can manage difficult situations and learn from my missteps.

Trust in my loved ones sustains me. I know there are people I can count on when I encounter obstacles. They offer me compassion and support. My loved ones share their wisdom and give me advice. I can talk to them about my doubts and aspirations.

My faith and spiritual beliefs are my strongest assets.

The purpose of my life is clear. Even in my darkest moments, I know that salvation and enlightenment lie ahead.

The first step to overcoming my fears is to acknowledge them. I regard myself with patience and understanding. I respect my feelings.

Gradual steps work best for me. I pick battles that I know I can win. If I want to become more comfortable speaking in public, I start out speaking to a friendly audience about a subject I am knowledgeable about. I remind myself of how my faith makes me strong enough to succeed.

I motivate myself by focusing on the rewards in store for me. By testing my faith, I develop confidence.

Today, I keep my faith foremost in my mind. I am convinced I can deal with everything that comes my way, as long as I rely on my faith.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are additional sources of faith and strength in my life?
  2. How can I become more confident in my abilities?
  3. When have I been able to overcome my fears?
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