I am confident that love is on its way.



veryone wants to fall in love. I find myself daydreaming about love throughout the day and know that love is coming into my life in good time.I know that my soul mate is near. In fact, my soul mate might even be a friend I have known for years.

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I am open to love coming into my life in traditional ways, such as bonding with a possible date at the grocery store. I am also open to love arising in unconventional ways. 

Now that I have opened myself to the idea that love is just around the corner, I experience renewed self-confidence. I am secure because I know that just being me is good enough to attract a desirable romantic match.

I feel comfortable within my own skin, and live my life according to my standards. I know that the way to attract my soul mate is to be myself.

I understand that the true secret to finding love is to simply be available to receive it. Chasing love is a dead-end road; I prefer to allow Cupid to take his time finding me. I am patiently waiting for the love of my life to arrive at the perfect time. 

Today, I choose to let love come to me. I am confident that love is on its way at this very moment. I spend my time on activities I enjoy, with the confidence that the love of my life will arrive at the right time and in the right place.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have a tendency to chase unavailable people for the simple fact that the chase will be a challenge?
  2. How can I display that I am receptive to dating without coming off too strong?
  3. Does my image truly display the first impression I like to give off?

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