Sending My Children to School Makes Me Feel Proud

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I reject apprehension about sending my children to school by reminding myself of their amazing qualities. My kids have talents that need to be shared with the world. I believe with all my heart that others benefit from being around my children.

Eliminate bad days with a few strategies:

I have high expectations about my kids’ performance at school. I think the best of them and I expect them to be their best at school. I am confident in the investment I have made in my kids. I have taught them to be responsible individuals, and I continue to teach this daily. 

My kids represent me well at school. I am confident they demonstrate respect for themselves and for others while at school. I trust my children to live by the values I have instilled in them, even in my absence.

I choose to believe my children’s time away at school is an opportunity for them to shine and show the world who they really are. I feel proud of what my children have become.

Daily, I communicate to my children how proud I am to be their parent. I foster my children’s self-esteem by expressing sincere awe for the things they do.

I am free from fear about my children’s behavior or performance at school because I trust the job I have done as a parent. I accept them as they are and I am ready to help them face their own personal challenges with relentless support.

Today, I am proud to release my children to the world of school. By embracing them as they are and offering my gentle help when they need it, I set out to be their greatest motivator.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I communicate a sense of pride to my children?
  2. Why should I trust the job I have done as a parent?
  3. What can I do to help my children in the areas they need to grow?

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