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A fear of love can express itself in many different ways. You might sit at home on Saturday nights and refuse to let your friends set you up. You may have an emotional trigger. On the other hand, you might participate on a dozen dating platforms and meet someone for coffee at least three times a week. While these may sound like two opposite extremes, the outcomes are usually the same. Your defenses keep you from developing an intimate relationship. Before you can change, it’s important to be aware of how you sabotage your romantic life. Find out what’s keeping you from falling in love and be intentional about renewing your mind .

Altering Your Thoughts:

1. Review your History. Think about your childhood and past relationships. Look for defense mechanisms that you formed in your early years and are ready to drop now. Spot patterns that you want to change .
2. Accept your Feelings. A fear of love often involves trying to avoid strong emotions. Remember that running away from sadness also means missing out on joy.
3. Boost your confidence. Learning to live with strong emotions will make you more resilient Each time you put yourself in situations that make you anxious, you see proof that you can deal with them successfully.
4. Watch your self-talk. Are you sending yourself messages that you’re unlovable? Use your inner voice to build yourself up. Speak to yourself with kindness and compassion.
5. Plan Ahead. You’ll feel less anxious if you rehearse the scenarios that make you apprehensive. Practice what you’ll do if someone that you like fails to call you back. You’ll probably realize that the consequences are less serious than you imagine.
7. Appreciate Solitude. Being single is different from being afraid to love. You can still enjoy your own company or search for a partner on your own timeline.
7. Consider Counselling. Relationship issues can involve some of our deepest needs and fears. Talking with a professional could help you make a breakthrough if you feel stuck.

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